This system is aimed at individuals with entrepreneurial spirit. It’s a Simple, Realistic and Achievable 2 *2 Matrix Platform, Modelled on Multi-Level Marketing/Network Marketing system that can make you earn 3bitcoins daily!!!.


Invest in Bitcoin and earn in Bitcoin for now, as we do plan to expand to other crypto-currencies like dash, Monero, Etherium etc.  This community was created to enable members generate BTC without going through the hurdles of purchasing Bitcoins, most especially when you have network of people around you and have them join you in our online community. This is MLM made easy.

This is how it works:

Register and Activate your account which makes you becomes a member of the TCH mlm community,

You are then required to register only 2 people. Duplicate the process and your success is easily achievable. IT’S THAT SIMPLE!!!!

Level 1: Every person enters into the community by a one-time fee of 0.5btc and enters level 1 by registering 2 persons. Then refer two persons. After which he receives 0.5 btc from two persons you either referred or that spills under you, giving you a total of 1 btc.

Level 2: you are migrated to level 2, when your downlines repeat exactly what you just did which accumulates 2btcs for you. And by that, you are due for 3btcs.

So anytime there are 6 persons under you, you qualify to earn. However, you have to be pushed out of the system by your downlines.

The beauty of this amazing system is that THE CAPITAL HUB will be responsible for all of the processes; hence, making the system easy to use and also preventing laxity and also delay in levels upgrade by members, all of this makes it easy for the community members. Upon maxing out from the system admin charges a fee of 10% of your pay-out amount (0.3btc).