Client Support Financial Services.

Everyone experiences the frustrations of staying on top of their finances ad managing their money. When employees need professional guidance in their daily lives, they can pick up a phone and get immediate assistance from an experienced financial counselor able to guide them through day-to-day financial issues and challenges.  This ad hoc financial support service allows everyone to get much needed financial support at any time during business hours.  Assistance is given on a broad range of financial topics, including debt counseling, managing debt and budgets, black-listings, retirement, loans and associated litigation.

What Am I Worth?

The ‘What am I Worth?’ advice topics and packages allow clients to learn the difference between an asset and a debt and to undertake a realistic assessment of their net worth. This includes spreadsheets that assist clients to calculate their net worth, so that they understand their financial starting point.

Time is Money

The ‘Time is Money’ range of advice topics and support packages allow clients to understand important financial concepts such as inflation, interest and compound interest.  Practical examples of the effects of interest and inflation are provided and clients are provided with access to online interest and inflation calculators.

Excellent Service

The ‘Financial Planning’ support modules explore the client’s short-, medium- and long-term goals.  This includes insights into the client’s underlying reasons for wanting money; the difference between financial ‘wants’ and ‘needs’; and tools for setting realistic financial goals.

In addition to the above focused advice and support areas, Origin Systems will provide a detailed “Financial Fitness Report” and counseling package.  Before receiving this report, the client will undergo a comprehensive interview process (undertaken online or telephonically) during which the client’s financial situation will be understood and his/her areas of financial risk identified.  Based on the information collected, a detailed report customized to the client’s unique circumstances will be compiled and sent to the client.  This report covers financial issues such as those set out above, but in a composite form and adapted to the client’s particular situation.