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Wealth planning is the art of structuring your wealth while building it, preserving it, and in order to transfer it to the next generation tax-optimised. Wealth planning is a mix of tax planning, wealth protection, estate planning and business succession planning and relates to your total worldwide wealth. We are a fee-only financial planning team dedicated to senior executives only. Our clients are decision makers whose time is their most valuable asset. They are looking to delegate aspects of their financial and tax planning activities to accelerate and protect their wealth, while they manage their careers. At The Capital Hub, you can rely on our team of wealth professionals to understand the intricacies of your financial situation—no matter how complex.


Sophisticated wealth planning services are becoming ever more important in this rapidly changing world. Wealthy families have internationalised over the last decades. Often children or other family members live, study or marry in different jurisdictions. There is a growing number of divorces and second or even third marriages and the following generations often have an entirely different view on the wealth generated by the previous generation. In most countries privacy is also becoming more and more seldom, and an increasing number of governments are implementing austerity measures and scrutinizing the wealthy.


Wealth is often generated by only one generation. Research shows that without planning that wealth properly, it completely disappears over the next three generations on average. A transfer to the next generation due to an inheritance often entails that the wealth gets divided over several persons, which automatically results in less assets owned per person.

How Do We Support You?

We look forward to assist you in finding a family office that offers exactly the services you are looking for. As experienced wealth planners ourselves we of course also look forward to discussing your specific wealth planning needs, challenges and opportunities in case you wish so. Please do not hesitate to contact us..

Together, we will guide you through the process and deliver a clear and complete assessment of your current situation and customized recommendations to help you achieve your short- and long-term objectives. We also help you implement your wealth plan with a broad array of wealth management services and solutions.